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Acrylic Based


  • Simply brush onto concrete as a primer. Single component, gauged as required.
  • High adhesion -Provides excellent bond to concrete, masonry, stone work plaster and block board.
  • Increased strength - Improves tensile and flexural
  • Properties of mortar. Allows thin section applications.
  • Versatile - Compatible with all common hydraulic cements
  • Economical - Economical to use


  • POLYCOTE BB provides a seamless, waterproof coating suitable for use in water tanks, reservoirs, swimming pools, roofs and to ensure water tightness.
  • POLYCOTE BB effectively protects against concrete decay providing a long lasting barrier to waterborne corrosive salts and atmospheric gases.
  • POLYCOTE BB is designed to re-face and even out variations in concrete and masonry surfaces.
  • POLYCOTE BB effectively seals concrete masonry walls and bridges the shrinkage cracks which are static.
  • POLYCOTE BB provides a tough and durable coating which cannot be easily damaged or worn away.


  • Non - toxic, non-flammable and user friendly
  • Provides a tough, impermeable waterproof membrane
  • Can be applied by brush, on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces
  • Protects concrete and mortar from natural elements such as wind, rain, sunlight
  • Breathable - allows inside water vapour to escape

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